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Friday, December 16, 2011

"I've always wanted headbands!"

It was that simple sentence that brought tears to my eyes today.  I wasn't the only one with a lump in my throat. Several of my coworkers and I chose a few needy families to buy gifts for this Christmas.

I went and got this little girl out of class and told her that Santa had dropped off some gifts for her in our classroom.  She was quite surprised and after she opened the first gift, I pointed to several others I had stacked next to her.  "There's more?", she exclaimed incredulously.  One of the teachers had filled a gift bag with necessities, as well as fun things like nail polish and small toys.  She reached in the bag and pulled out the package of three, brightly colored headbands.  She was so excited!  I'll never forget the look on her face as she said, "Headbands!  I've always wanted headbands!  This is the happiest day of my life!" Who would have thought something so simple and inexpensive could make a child so happy?  These days, most kids are asking Santa for an X-box, WII, cell phone, or iPad.

Sometimes Christmas is so hectic, stressful, and expensive.  In the midst of the chaotic, sugar-laden, last day of school before break, some of us were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful moment we will never forget.  The spirit of Christmas. The joy of giving. The true reason for this season.