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Monday, July 25, 2011


When Bret was just a little boy, someone told me it was a good idea to pray for our children's future mates as they are growing up.  God doesn't always have marriage in His plan, and some are called to remain single so they can focus completely on serving.  So, often I prayed that if it was His plan for Michelle and/or Bret to marry, that they would be the kind of spouses that would love, honor, and cherish their mates and I prayed for those future mates, that they would be spouses that love God, and that the marriages would honor God and fit His perfect plan. 

Fast forward many prayers and a few heartaches and into Bret's life comes Kallie Jiblits!  I loved her from the very start!  Held my breath and prayed when she and Bret had a couple of disagreements, because I really believed she was the girl for him, but really, with my history of wearing rose colored glasses, sometimes I am really wrong.  Not this time!

July 24, 2011 Bret and Kallie were married!  What an emotional wedding and then an extraordinary celebration!!! While looking for a song for the mother/son dance, I found this song and video that reminded me of all the prayers and how amazingly, and wonderfully, and perfectly God answered those prayers. only did we gain a daughter-in-law, but her mother, Kerry has become my close friend, and her father, Eric, and Randy have so much in common.  We get to know and interact with this other, great big family!!  We have been blessed beyond measure!!